About us

Sight Digital Technology is a manufacturer of equipment based on inkjet technology. We have 10 years of R&D, production and sales experience in digital label printing and post-processing equipment. We apply advanced visual inkjet technology to the label printing manufacturing process, which greatly improves the user's production efficiency. Small and medium-sized printing plants bring new profit growth points.

Our Products

SAITO Label Printer 800

The most cost-effective roll printer in the short-term label printing field. It has 6 color channels, and the printing effect is comparable to offset printing. With a number of inventions and one body, the SAITO label machine truly achieves stable and efficient output and 24-hour unattended printing. It must be your most loyal production partner.


SAITO ink is imported from Japan, and after years of innovation and improvement, it has reached the world advanced level. The environmentally friendly and odorless solvent pigment ink is introduced into the patent system to ensure the printing quality of customers, and has been well received by domestic and foreign customers. Waterborne pigment resin, art paper ink, special dye ink and dye sublimation ink are also the company's main hot products.

Roll Feeder & Rewinder

The paper feeder is equipped with an infrared automatic induction paper feeder to automatically feed paper, saving time and worry. The maximum load is 7kg, and the paper roll can be up to 200 meters. The diameter of the paper roll can reach 30cm. It is equipped with a 30W quality motor, adjustable in forward and reverse rotation, and adjustable in damping force. Simple operation, stable and reliable.

Our Customer

Label Printing

Most customers use SAITO to print common copperplate labels. Because the program is low in cost, the printing effect is comparable to offset printing, and the proper rate is high, without excessive manual intervention. Compared with similar products, it is currently the most cost-effective solution.

Ribbon Printing

Traditional ribbons are screen printed, and the advent of SAITO makes it possible for printers to print ribbons. Printing ribbons have the following advantages: simple operation, computer plate making, and environmental protection. I believe that in promoting environmental protection today, SATIO is a good helper for your business.

Seamless connection print

In the professional fields such as the oil exploration industry, some oil-based mud images and waveform images are printed. These images require a seamless connection of PDF files, and SAITO will seamlessly print more than 50 meters, showing the advantages of Scitech technology.

"With the SAITO roll printer, it can help me make $60 a day. Thanks to Alex for recommending this machine to me. I compared several models of other manufactors and decided to choose SAITO to carry out my business. It is very convenient to use and can give me a stable profit. It is really good."

Bamber Gascoigne